Puckett, Hall, Childers, Roberts and Lane
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Halls and Pucketts of Virginia and Kentucky
This is my Mom's side and for more than 15 years we had thought her grandmother was Sarah PUCKETT, as per the info on grandma's death certificate. Recently we've discovered that Sarah's daughter Pricy Jane PUCKETT is her grandmother. Here's some of the info we have so far.

Lillie Nancy Puckett, b Aug. 30, 1897 in Templeton, Va. Parents are Nathan Hall and Pricy Jane Puckett. Lillie's first husband was Clarence Roberts, second husband Henry Clay Lane. (See below.)

Pricy is dau of William James "Buck" Puckett and Sarah A. Farmer Puckett.

Buck is son of David and Mary J. Puckett.

David is son of Drewry and Unknown.

Nathan Hall b Apr. 24, 1875 Haysi, Dickenson Co., Va.; married about June 1897 to Sarah Ann Childers b Sept. 22, 1882. When Lillie was about 22 months old, they took her in and raised her.

Nathan's father is Henry Hall b about 1820 and Henry's second wife Malinda Roberts.

Henry's father is Samuel Hall b about 1797 and Spicy Rhea? not sure of the spelling of her last name.

Samuel Hall's parents were Rueben Hall Sr. and Nancy Branham Smith.

Clarence Roberts (Lillie Nancy Puckett's first husband) parents were John Mobley Roberts and Helen Newcomb.

Henry Clay Lane (Lillie Nancy Puckett's second husband) parents were Richard Lane and Katie Farmer. And I think Richard's father was Berry Lane, still checking.

Sorry so little info, will update asap, am compiling info as we speak :)

Carolyn J. Watson

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